Macy’s Christmas Light Show

A Philadelphia tradition since 1956
A source of awe and wonder for children of all ages

The Grand Court Holiday Spectacle of Lights and Music
                                2021 Edition
Macy’s Christmas Light Show season has concluded, but Store attractions may be enjoyed virtually here!






Dickens Christmas Village may be enjoyed virtually clicking below!

The Philadelphia Store wintered through 2020 with the Light Show displayed in its brilliant fullness each shopping day, but without the accompanying musical production. All of us look forward to 2021 and our Yule Attractions making a welcome return in their resplendent majesty. 

Macy’s Market Street Animated Christmas Windows

Beautiful windows and holiday music grace the bustling Market Street street scene outside the Store. These attractions are built by the Macy’s Parade Studio and are definitely worth a detour!


Macy’s is located inside The Wanamaker Building at 13th & Market Streets, Philadelphia, PA 19107. Basic store Information is at 215-241-9000. There is parking underneath the Store with lot entrances on Juniper and 13th Streets. (Note that since the pandemic the garage no longer generally fills to its former capacity, and slots can usually be found almost all the time, particularly on the lower level.) 


Shoppers waiting for the next show will want to take in the Dickens Christmas Village on the Third Floor, Market Street, which is also free and is open on a continuous basis. However, reservations are required five days in advance, and shoppers may register in advance at the Macy’s Santaland website HERE. The Light Show itself lasts about eleven minutes. Buying Wanamaker Organ items from the Friends of the Wanamaker Organ webstore helps support the Organ as you fulfill your holiday gift list. Just click on the link below!Immediate Direct Shipping!
The Macy’s presentations are the grandest of Philadelphia traditions, and many customers’ Yule celebrations would not be complete without taking in the Delaware Valley spectacle.Macy’s beautiful Market Street Windows, created by the Parade Studio, are also a special attraction. They are usually unveiled the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

At the Dickens Christmas Village (Third Floor Market Street) there is also a concession for photos with Santa (open through Christmas Eve), a studio to design a personalized teddy bear, and a Christmas gift shop (“Holiday Lane”) nearby. There is covered public parking under the Wanamaker Building with elevators leading to Street Level.


THE WANAMAKER ORGAN is used for the finale of the noon Light Show (except Sundays), and at the end of the 6 pm Light Shows (except Wednesday, Friday and Sunday). Recorded Wanamaker Organ versions conclude the show at all other times.

The Wanamaker Organ is played daily (except Sundays) at noon. It is also played on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 5:30 pm, and each Wednesday and Friday at 7pm. Note: this is the regular yearly schedule.  
In years when Macy’s schedules the Wanamaker Organ with the Light Show, it features the Grand Finale (“Deck the Halls”) of the Light Show, then the daily recital continues. Other Light Show endings feature a taped finale by the Wanamaker Organ. All Organ recitals are 45 minutes long. The majestic Wanamaker Organ is the largest playing pipe organ in the world and has more than 28,677 pipes. Through the Friends of the Wanamaker Organ and Macy’s, several million dollars have been invested in its matchless sound during the ongoing restoration.
VIEW THE original Light Show here, and here, and see a vintage TV segment with organ here.
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Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve Alert

Christmas Eve day and New Year’s Eve day the second of the Wanamaker Organ daily concerts are generally cancelled due to potential curtailed store hours and to accommodate the personal needs of the Organ staff.