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The Wanamaker Organ Hour

From Macy’s, Philadelphia

The Wanamaker Organ Hour on WRTI-FM has been suspended, but archived versions of numerous shows are available as free on-demand podcasts from a French site at this link: Many hours of pleasant listening are available there. The station occasionally broadcasts Friends special events, particularly highlights from Wanamaker Organ Day.


Links to Other Media Stories

Listen to archived shows from the Wanamaker Organ Hour Here!

  • A 2019 Action News Segment on the dedication of the restored Grand Organ Case is Here.
  • A 2015 Action News piece on the Light Show and Wanamaker Organ is found HERE.
  • The Philadelphia Daily News does a 2014 video piece on the Wanamaker Organ, accessed HERE.
  • See the viral video of the Opera Company of Philadelphia “Hallelujah Chorus” at Macy’s flashmob Wanamaker Organ surprise performance HERE.
  • The late Michael Stairs, our beloved board member and assistant Wanamaker organist, was recently featured in Jill Pasternak’s “Crossover.” You may listen HERE.
  • An entertaining and informative Charles S.P. Jenkins three-part piece on the Wanamaker Organ that cleverly ties it in to the vast sweep of Philadelphia history begins HERE.
  • Hear about the 2008 Philadelphia Orchestra concert on NPR
  • A selection of Wanamaker Organ Day concert presentations is on YouTube under the DocBower channel and many may be enjoyed here and from adjoining choices in the YouTube margin. Special thanks to Charles Bower for these films!
  • A 2013 edition of Michael Barone’s Pipedreams radio show salutes Richard Purvis on the centennial of his birth, and features Christian Elliott playing Purvis’s St. Francis Suite on the Big W. Listen HERE.