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Symphony in C Centennial Concert



This Gothic CD together with this full-length Friends DVD video includes the full 2011 Centennial Concert of the Wanamaker Organ featuring Peter Richard Conte with Rossen Milanov and New Jersey's Symphony in C Orchestra! Narrated by Michael Barone. They can be played together on a stereo and TV to give the incredible experience of being there!

DVD Intermission features include a demonstration of different kinds of organ pipes by Curator Curt Mangel and Michael Barone, a tour of the Friends Sound Studio given by its designer Jim Stemke, and opening-and-closing musical fantasy sequences giving a suggestion of what happens when the powerful Wanamaker is switched on and off.

Writes reviewer Rollin Smith of the CD: "Now you can have in your living room what Alexander Russell described when he heard the Widor Symphonie: A Perfect Niagara of Sound.. There is no one in the world as adept at displaying the Wanamaker Organ as Peter Richard Conte, and it shows on this CD. The whole is a thrilling and artisic experience. The orchestra is top-notch, impeccable in its ensemble playing, and gorgeous in its shading. This is one CD not to miss: the combination of organ, organist and orchestra would be hard to beat." Order yours now!

Music Program

GUILMANT: Symphony No. 2 in A Major, Opus 91
JONGEN: Alleluja for Organ and Orchestra, Opus 112
JONGEN: Hymne for Organ and Orchestra, Opus 78
WIDOR: Symphony No. 6 in G Minor, for Organ and Orchestra, Opus 42b

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