Herald Angel $10,000

• Donors of $500 or more to the Century Two Music Fund will receive a copy of the CD The Wanamaker Organ: The Early Recordings and a copy of the Keith Chapman 75th anniversary DVD when they become available.

• All Friends who contribute $1000 or more will receive a CD, a DVD, a set of refrigerator magnets and a color tee shirt and have their names inscribed on a plaque placed inside the Organ, grouped by Gift levels.

• Donors of $2000 or more may also elect to receive a private tour of the Wanamaker Organ by curator Curt Mangel. Those giving $3000 or more may also elect to receive an opportunity to play the Wanamaker Organ after hours, provided mutually convenient arrangements can be made.

• Donors of $5000 or more are also eligible for a lavish dinner with the Curators and Wanamaker Organist or the Fine Arts Print “The Wanamaker Organ, a Photographic Essay.”  All gifts will be sent (or visits arranged) when pledges are received in full.

  Benefactor $5000
  Leadership Circle $3000
  Wanamaker Fellow $2000
  Founder's Circle $1000
  Sustainer's Club $500
  Supporter $250
This year's installment:
Total amount pledged:


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