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Music in the Marketplace: A Wanamaker Organ History
by Ray Biswanger

Here is the complete story of the Wanamaker Organ, from its California beginnings through the St. Louis World's Fair to the great Philadelphia department store that calls it home. Ray Biswanger's book unfolds with all the richness and detail of a great novel. Read on....




The Largest Organ in the World - Plus a Scientific American Reprint

From the Los Angeles Art Organ Company comes this 32-page booklet on the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair Organ. We have combined with it a Scientific American reprint (April 23, 1904) of the story of the World's Largest Organ that includes a tour of the fabled factory that built it. Read on....




Murray M. Harris and Organ Building in Los Angeles, 1894-1913
by David Lennox Smith and Orpha Ochse

Murray M. Harris began organbuilding in 1894 Los Angeles. Business skyrocketed, and soon he was building the world's largest pipe organ for the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair. That organ would become our Wanamaker Organ. But wild cost overruns threatened the organ's completion. Read on....