Here is the schedule for regular daily 45-minute recitals:

Monday-Saturday 12pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 5:30pm
Wednesday, Friday 7pm

Visitors are welcome to tour the console area (Floor Two)
and meet the staff following the daily concerts.



IMPORTANT 2017 Concert Schedule Announcement: Wanamaker Organ Day is Saturday June 3, with a ticketed Grand Evening Concert. On Saturday Sept. 23 we are having an after-hours ticketed concert with the Symphony in C.

lease visit our
HOME PAGE for specifics on any Special Concerts that may also referenced below, immediately under the following Daily Performer Schedule. We update current concert information more frequently on the home page. Daily concerts are free and are a part of the Macy's shopping experience.

In between daily concerts, an informational presentation is available on our Visitor Kiosk outside the console. Hit the stop key marked Roman Numeral I to play the Visitor Orientation Film. Or you may view it HERE.

Daily Organ Concert Details

     Mondays  Noon: Peter Richard Conte.   5:30 pm: Michael Stairs
     Tuesdays  Noon: Fred Haas   5:30 pm: Fred Haas
     Wednesdays  Noon: Peter Richard Conte or Wesley Parrott
            7 pm: Peter Conte or guests. This concert is streamcast at
     Thursdays  Noon: Peter Richard Conte.   5:30 pm: Michael Lawrence
     Fridays   Noon: Peter Richard Conte.   7 pm: Peter Richard Conte
     Saturdays  Noon: Peter Richard Conte.   5:30 pm: Peter Richard Conte

PLEASE NOTE: This schedule is presented as a rough guide only. It is subject to unannounced alteration owing to vacations, illness, happenings of the moment and periodic religious duties such as holy days, weddings and funerals. Other occasional performers include Rudy Lucente, Steven Ball, Colin Howland, Bryan Anderson and Wesley Parrott. We will endeavor to update this schedule as further information is provided to us. The Wanamaker Organ is almost never played on Sundays.

Daily concerts are free and are in the huge Grand Court of the Macy's Philadelphia department store. Visitors unfamiliar with the store should know that no tickets or reservations are required.

Although we get many requests from very talented people, we very much regret that visiting organists are not permitted to take part in daily performances.


2017 Wanamaker Organ Special Concert Season
(with upcoming Kimmel Center Organ Concerts listed below)

Wanamaker Organ Day
 is Saturday June 3!

Secure your tickets for our Grand Evening Concert now!

Our signature festival (details still comingtogether) is largely free and actually begins FRIDAY JUNE 2. For exciting details on Friday Events, please scroll down below. But first we will list the big Saturday activities...

WANAMAKER ORGAN DAY PROPER is SAT. JUNE 3, with free events including a free Coronation Music choral tribute marking the Sapphire Anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II (5 pm), and a ticketed Grand Evening Concert showcasing the talents of Peter Richard Conte, Steven Ball, Todd Wilson and Andrew Ennis. 

our support of our Grand Evening Concert helps us meet our expenses, which are significant, as befits the magnificence of the programming we present. Click HERE to secure your tickets!

Wanamaker Organ Day opens at 10am with Wanamaker Organ chamber tours, and with Rick Seifert's wonderfully updated presentation on the Wanamaker Organ, shown in Greek Hall at 10 am. (Greek Hall is on the Third Floor of Macy's.) The presentation is filled with Wanamaker Organ music and salutes the heritage and history of the Greatest Musical Wonder in the World.

The musical splendor begins at 11 am in the Grand Court with a Grand Opening Concert featuring Peter Richard Conte, Todd Wilson, Steven Ball, Andrew Ennis and Rudy Lucente. It is simulcast over WRTI-FM and may be heard around the world live at


At 2 pm the action moves to Greek Hall, where acclaimed Boardwalk Hall organist Dr. Steven Ball puts our Wurlitzer through its paces with favorites from the Great American Songbook. Also featured is a comedy short, tentatively expected to be Harold Lloyd in "Safety Last." Lloyd did many of his own stunts, and this campy romp is a cliffhanger--er clockhanger, as Lloyd dangles dizzily from the hands of a giant skyscraper clock. Tickets are $10 at the door and admission is free with an Evening Concert admission.


5 pm brings one of the greatest displays of musical pageantry we produce, as the Sapphire Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's accession to the throne is commemorated. The Friends of the Wanamaker Organ Festival Chorus and Brass Ensemble bring their combined strengths to the might of the Reigning Monarch of All Instruments as spine-chilling Coronation music fills the Grand Court with musical majesty. This event, like the morning concert, is free and not to be missed!


At Night the Stars Come Out! There is NOTHING like hearing the Wanamaker Organ in the hush of the closed store, when all the fine subtleties can be discerned and the full thunderous torrent experienced. Our Grand Evening Concerts are rare and not to be missed. Remember that members (even new members) and their guests are entitled to a $10-per-ticket discount for themselves and all in their party. Featured this year are Peter Richard Conte and guests Todd Wilson, Steven Ball and Andrew Ennis.

Newly restored sections of the Wanamaker are slated to make their debut, including the dramatic 32' Contra Bombarde, The Swell Mixture V, and an exciting new Flugelhorn given by reed restorer Sam Hughes. That rank was given to the Orchestral Division in memory of former Wanamaker Organist Keith Chapman and his wife Sally, and family representatives will be present for the occasion.


Patrons with Evening Concert tickets who spend $50 or more apiece at Macy's on Friday or Saturday are invited to a pre-concert artists' reception with wine and light refreshments in Greek Hall on a limited first-come basis. Please help us help our host by taking advantage of this offering! This offer is open to those 21 or older exclusively.


Events on Friday open with the noon Wanamaker Organ Concert. That is followed by free Shop and Chamber tours, and a showing of Rick Seifert's riveting presentation on the Wanamaker Organ in Greek Hall. Times and further to come. 

Capping Friday Evening at 7 pm is a Macy's first: a Wanamamaker Organ-accompanied Fashion Show in the Grand Court, with seating. 

Friday is a good day to visit and take in the Wanamaker Organ in a more leisurely and detailed way, without the press of crowds and pressures of time. During the tours there is time to meet and talk to the talented members of our restoration staff, and our dedicated volunteers. 

Please scroll down the page to click on our Visitor's Guide, filled with tips for those new to Philadelphia and the Store.

The full roster of festival artists for Wanamaker Organ Day weekend is shown on the banner below, and you may hear Parry's "I Was Glad" from the 2012 concert by clicking on the banner. Details subject to change.

Please scroll down to see our Dining and Hotel guide. There are a huge number of hotels in the Philadelphia area, and often significant savings can be realized by staying at the Airport and taking the frequently running Center City trains, or staying just outside the City, in King of Prussia, Cherry Hill, N.J., and other hostelries.

IMPORTANT: 2017 Concert Schedule Announcement: On Saturday September 23 we are having an after-hours ticketed concert with the Symphony in C.


Macy's Center City Philadelphia
daily store hours are
here. The store and organ are at 13th and Market Streets in downtown Philadelphia, next to City Hall. There is no need for reservations or special arrangements for the regular daily concerts, as they are held in the large central court of an active department store. The organ is not played on Sundays except for rare special events.
Producing Special Concerts in a department store is both a delight and a challenge. As our website has evolved, we have found it useful to put special concert information directly on our home page. This is especially true because our special concert schedule is dependent on the release of Macy's quarterly sales schedule, and as a result we generally only have six to eight weeks of notice from the time a date is granted until the event itself. We therefore give it the utmost prominence on the website.
The general pattern of our special events is a Spring afternoon concert, a post-Memorial Day Wanamaker Organ Day festival with evening concert, a Fall concert (sometimes in the evening) and a Christmas concert, generally on a Sunday afternoon after Thanksgiving. Wurlitzer events are often held in conjunction with Wanamaker Organ Day and our Fall concert.
During the Christmas season the Wanamaker Organ is covered with a scrim that affects its sound somewhat. Most of our concerts are geared to warmer months when humidity in the air dramatically increases the presence of the organ in the room, and when tuning tends to be more stable. Also we are able to avoid being snowed out for most of our events. Publication of our newsletters tends to follow the concert schedule, so that members can have timely information on our presentations.
Please consult the top of our home page of for extensive detail on any concerts that are scheduled at any given moment. All members receive timely concert information through our quarterly newsletter, The Stentor, as well, and receive discounts on ticket purchases to special events.

Kimmel Center Organ Concerts
Kimmel Center organ concerts are another beloved Philadelphia music tradition. For the latest organ-concert information, please click here!  We have been given to understand that tickets to some events may receive a discount when the word Wanamaker is input in the appropriate field!

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l An entertaining highlights film on Kimmel Center Organ Day 2013 is here!

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